Hallmark vs Dickens
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Hallmark vs Dickens

Updated: 5/17/2017

161110      Free exhibit space at 2017 January Atlanta Marketplace to Publishers

161111      Free exhibit space at 2017 January Marketplace to Reps

170115      Pictures of Hallmark and Dickens booths at Atlanta Marketplace

170330      Rothschild to Dickens

170409      James Chou to Don Hall with attachments

170409F      Complaints filed by Hallmark

170411      Berkley to Stein requesting Dickens records

170412      Chou email to Hall and Krueger

170414      Dickens provided Hallmark requested records

170414      Dickens provided Hallmark requested records – Hallmark

170417      Dickens requested Hallmark records

170417      The Kansas City Star report

170418      Chou to Diane of Kansas City Star

140419      Rothschild Berkley letter to Judge Weller

170420      Krueger to Square Peg cease and desist letter

170424      Chou to Hall and Parodi

170428      Chou to Kansas City Star

170428      Krueger to Stein Response for Dickens requested records

170428      Rothschild Krueger letter to Judge Wexler

170501      Chou to Krueger for delivery of Hallmark records

170501      Krueger to Stein for arguing case

170505      Chou Depositions

170508      Krueger requested additional records

170514      Mitch requesting Event Sales records

170514      Mitch requesting Parodi records

170517      Chou ask Hall to leave them alone

170525      Have you been deposed by Hallmark?