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Special thanks to some publishers such as “Design, Design” for making their closeouts available through us for those stores who have not tried their products, please contact the publishers directly if you need their current new products.  

We appreciate that all our retailers sell the products at full retail prices, and we reserve the right to not ship orders to any store which might have a conflict with our vendors’ existing customers.

Occasionally some publishers/vendors make their closeouts available through us because


1.       Lost licenses: When Gibson lost their Disney license to Hallmark before AG bought Gibson, Gibson had to dispose their Disney licensed products within 30 days, and we were the only distributor with the money and space to buy the inventory.

2.       Over production: A publisher once mistakenly added an additional “0” in the production order for one of their designs, increasing from 20,000 pieces to 200,000 pieces, and we bought some at very good prices.

3.       Price change: Sometimes a publisher changes the retail prices or UPC codes of a group of designs; we help clean the old inventory.

4.       There are more than 50,000 stores/locations which could carry greeting cards, but many publishers with great products only have no more than 500 active accounts who need new designs each year. Their old designs from last year can become the new cards for our customers who do not carry their products.

If you are a publisher and are interested in having us distribute your cards, please contact Ken at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (631)993-3123 ext.101 to find out how we can work together with minimum interruption of your normal business.


Please note, we only buy

·         Unopened pack

·         Saleable product.  For example, we do not buy graduation cards with year 2014 printed on it.