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Why buy from Dickens?


·         Selection: We carry more than 25,000 designs from more than 10 publishers; any “difficult to find” captions can mostly be found here 

·         Discount: More than 10,000 designs are sold at 50% & 50% & 50% off (you pay $0.50 for $4.00 card).

·         Order system: We have one of the most advanced and easy to use online order systems in the world, once the control is setup and the order is shipped, you can see a picture of each design on your computer or any mobile device.  Re-ordering is even easier, just click the pockets you need and an order with bestselling designs for your store without duplication will be shipped within 24 hours. 

Because our online order system is so good and so easy to use, you can place orders by yourself and have full control of your inventory.

·         Shipping: Most orders can be shipped out within 24 hours, and our order fulfillment rate is more than 98% over the past 5 years.

·         Service: All the important information can be found from our website, and our friendly and professional service team is always available for you if you need any further assistance.